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Happy Easter Blog

Easter is a time to reflect and to celebrate. So, let's take some time out to sing. I love to sing; I'm not very good but I do love to sing. The exciting thing that singing can do for you is that it can help your Vagus Nerve. If you are not aware of what your Vagus Nerve is, it is our 10th cranial nerve and it is the longest of the cranial nerves which goes down to our digestive system. Sounds important, right?

Now you maybe asking, why is singing good for the Vagus nerve? Our voice box, or larynx is connected to our Vagus Nerve and when we sing, we activate it. The other thing to note is that the Vagus Nerve is involved with our Parasympathetic Nervous System, which is our Rest and Digest System. So, sing where ever you can, in your car, in the shower, or if you are going to an Easter service. Your digestive system will thank you, especially if you have an Easter dinner planned!

Another way you can activate your Vagus Nerve is through Ear Reflexology. Hopefully this has inspired you to book a reflexology session or to take a Ear Reflexology Course. I will be setting up an Introduction to Ear Reflexology this spring.

Anniversary Blog

I'm thrilled to announce that this December marks my 5-year anniversary at Heal and Toes Reflexology as I officially opened my doors in December 2018.

Here are some of my highlights:

-In 2019 I participated in the Guinness Book of World Records for the most people performing reflexology at our Reflexology Conference in Halifax.

-I taught my first Core and Foot Teacher Training Course.

-Then during the covid shut downs I used the time to figure out how to teach reflexology or at least the theory portion online.

-In 2022 I presented at the NHPC conference where I talked about Pain Management Using Reflex Points with Ear Reflexology.

-Summer of 2023 I started volunteering at the St Boniface Hospital doing mini reflexology sessions on the staff.

-Then in May 2024, I will be speaking at the Reflexology International Virtual Conference!

What an amazing 5 years. I can't wait to see what the future holds: the possibilities are endless! As a sneak peak, in 2024 I will be unveiling my new reflexology program - Reflexology 201!

To Celebrate My 5-Year Anniversary in December 2023

For the month of December I will be offering 60 minute reflexology sessions for $55.00 (plus GST)! I want to thank those of you who have supported me all these years. As well I would like to encourage those who have always wanted to try reflexology or maybe you would like to try hand and/or ear to come down and try reflexology during the month of December!

I will also be offering my Building Your Successful Business Workshop for 66% off! This workshop is for those of you who are looking to grow your business or are looking to branch out and expand your existing business. This workshop is a step-by-step plan that is filled with many of my secrets of success that I have used over the past 22 years as a professional reflexology therapist.

The goal of this workshop is to inspire, motivate, and empower you to create a plan that will ensure you start 2024 with your best foot forward! When you sign up for this workshop or the webinar you will receive a workbook that is jam packed with time tested hints that include over 20 simple and inexpensive ways to promote your business!

Email for more information about either of these promotions.

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