I injured my left shoulder doing some snow clearing and, after a few weeks, it stopped getting better. I went to Heal and Toes Reflexology and Sherri worked on it during my treatment. Two days later, the pain was noticeably less and, within a week, the pain was gone and I had full range of motion back, comfortably.

- Ryan Maier


I had a mild case of whiplash, where the muscles in my neck were so tense I could barely move my neck. I tried massage therapy but it only gave me temporary relief. Even painkillers only masked the pain. After my first reflexology treatment with Sherri I noticed that the pain was gone and I could move my neck. The pain and stiffness came back later that night but the pain was nowhere near what it had been. I had three more treatments, all within two weeks and I am now pain free and my mobility has returned in full.

- Lee Almstrom

During the winter, I fell on a patch of ice outside my house and hurt my right hip. The pain was pretty bad - especially when I was lying down in bed at night. During my first reflexology treatment with Sherri I was amazed to find that I had a very sore spot on my right foot. I was surprised to learn that this spot corresponded to my hip! After the first treatment I felt some relief so I kept up with it and after five treatments, all within three weeks, my hip was no longer sore. The pain was gone and I could sleep comfortably again!

- Harold Goetz