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Plan a Relaxing Staycation

Over the next few weeks, we will be discussing many ideas to help you to relax as well as list ideas to have a ton of fun in your own home. I am sure if you take a little time out you can think of many more ideas that will be more suited or tailored to you. For many of us a staycation may not be our ideal holiday but there are numerous things you can do to create a day of pure relaxation just for you. Remember to include all your favorite things, one example being take a bubble bath with relaxing music in the middle of the day. How often do you get to do that? You can also make your favourite tea, light a candle, and maybe even read a good book. This sounds absolutely luxurious! Now what is your dream, mid-week staycation? This is a very stressful time but the more we can see the gift we have been given, for many of us it is extra time off or time to slow down. So, take time to figure out what is really important in your life. The more you can do this the more this time will not just be about all the fear that surrounds us but a time to hit the “reset button” on your life.

For those of you who have a family you will also need to include ideas that will entertain the whole family. You can have a game night or if you are like our household, and you have a whole stack of games, you can play a new game each night of the week! Remember that this time of stress and anxiety may even be harder for your children. So, we need to distract them from all that is scary and upsetting to them. A board game is an excellent way to do this and it is a way to get more connected to those you love! You can also look at doing puzzles, reading books together, or having a movie night!

Take time out now to plan a fun and eventful time off. The ideas are really limitless and if you are struggling to find ideas search the internet or talk to those around you. Remember it is also important to stay connected with those you love anyway you can. I can’t wait to hear all about your relaxing staycation!

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