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Plan a Garden

I cannot believe that more than a month has gone by since I shared my immune boosting idea: “Plan a Staycation”. Here I said I would elaborate on more of my ideas. Well life became so turned upside and I was trying so hard to live these ideas that I didn’t have time to write about them. So, here I go and guess what! I found even more ways to de-stress and help build my immune system. My most recent find is GARDENING! Not only does being in the great outdoors help to calm me greatly it does wonderful things for my health. Firstly, being in the sun increases your vitamin D. This is very important because when I asked my naturopathic doctor what I can do to help my immune system he suggested I increase my vitamin D! It also helps to keep me more active and to strengthen muscles that have been inactive for far too long. I hope you too will try gardening, even if it is just one plant or a little herb garden. Get out there and get your hands in the mud!

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