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Due to COVID-19 most courses are taught one-on-one and therefore can start within 2 weeks of sending in your registration form and deposit. Start your new career now!

Core + Foot Course: Sherri will teach you the basics of reflexology: the history of reflexology, basic anatomy and physiology, taking a comprehensive case history, and a comprehensive foot reflexology routine using the various reflexes for an effective treatment. She brings her 20 years of experience to the classroom!

Hand Course: Along with teaching you an excellent hand reflexology routine you will learn the basic principles of Meridian Therapy, Yin and Yang theory and how to use these concepts within your treatment to improve and expand your practice.

Ear Course: Here you will not only learn a relaxing ear reflexology routine, you will learn more about how to use some of the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) principles, the importance of the Vagus nerve, how to work specific pressure point in the ear and how to place seeds on these reflex points.

Teacher Training: Become a Core, Foot, Hand, or Ear teacher through learning how to create lesson plans, how to teach adult learners, and how to advance your own reflexology skills. Contact Sherri for more details.



Successful Reflexology Business Workshop

This workshop shares the knowledge and tips Sherri has gained in my practice in a variety of locations over that last 19 years. A the end of the workshop you will have a comprehensive plan tailored to you on how to build a successful business.